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Lent 2018

Spend 5 Minutes or All Day and enjoy Living Lent Experiences

Grab your favorite beverage and/or treat and spend time in reflection. You chose the time & practices.

Take on something for Lent this year.

You may need to give up something to find time to do something new so use reflection time to explore your life and use of time.

Consider These for Meaningful and Learning Experiences This Lent

I Am Chosen By God. Reflect and color for meditation.

Reflect and Color

Commit to dinner together and/or with friends. Keep it simple and a time to connect.

Take time to play in snow or take a walk through your neighborhood.

Discuss your day and the good things that happened as a family in your time together or before you retire for the evening.

Become single-use plastic bag free during this week.  Then recycle all you can.  Reflect on caring for the earth.

While shopping think of those who have multiple need and buy some undies to contribute to a mission project. Contribute all you can for men, women, teens, and children.


Week 2 - February 25th

Read a book: A book for every week.

God Connects Us Color and Reflection experience. Click the link or copy and paste.

Movie Night

Invite someone you do not know to lunch and spend time getting to know each other.

Write a journal of your days. Reflect on the good things in your life.

Spend time organizing a closet by donating good used clothing and household items to a local charity.

Create a Lenten Symbol for your home as a reminder that this time is here.

Do an audit of your recycling. Where can you increase and what could you use again or repurpose.

Week 3 - March 4th

Read a book: A book for every week.

Movie Night

Write cards of caring to shut-ins or to members of the congregation.

Deal with the rocks in your life. Have a handful of small pebbles to handle as you reflect on:

What are your stony places? How can you turn these into a gift?

Reflect on what you need to change and how to do that.

Bake something this week and take to a neighbor or a friend to say hello and glad to have you in my life.

Mandala for reflection

While shopping this week buy extra toothbrushes and paste for a donation site.

This week turn off all the extra lights in your home and talk about saving our planet and resources.


Week 4 - March 11th

Read a book: A book for every week.

Movie Night

Idols    What are yours?

Get in the Sand. Set up a small sandbox to play in during your reflections.

What is the wilderness in your life? What have you learned or might learn as you reflect on the wilderness times. The times you are alone in the dry desert. When do you need someone?

Call someone to share how it’s going or invite for coffee and conversation.

Take over a disliked chore for a family member this week.

Plan together a birthday party and shop together for needs and donate the party to foodlink site.

Take a hike in the park and pick up litter as you go. Reflect on the need to care for our earth.

4th week

Week 5 - March 18th

Read a book: A book for every week.

Movie Night

Backpack to explore What do you have in yours?

Plant a garden or some herbs. Continue to care for it and reflect on the need of care for gardening and the need of caring for each other.

Volunteer to drive someone this week or to shop for someone.

Shop this week for “socks”. Each family member can find something they would like and give to a clothing site. This can include men, women, teens, and children.

While out and about this week, offer to help someone carrying a heavy load.

Text someone this week you have been thinking about or someone you have not heard from in a while telling them you care.

Week 6 - March 25th - April 1st

Read a book: A book for every week.

Movie Night

Put on your walking shoes and find new life in nature. Reflect on your feelings as you find new and old “life”. Take pictures if you love doing this. Reflect on what you see.

Purchase an additional day’s or meal supply of food and drop off at a local food pantry. Include something special for Easter.

Clean up an area at work, school, home, or neighborhood. Do it as a gift for the good of all.

Conserve water this week. Cut back on use and find ways to reuse if possible.

Special thoughts for Holy Week

Video with art, music and message. Listen and reflect.

“What Wonderous Love: Holy Week in Word and Art”

Emery and Chandler Universities presents

Read The First Easter” as a family. This is a children’s book but fun for the whole family.

April 1


Sing “Alleluia”

6th week

Lenten Family Calendar

Learn the Lord's Prayer by Heart as a Family

Click the button below to connect you to an activity for the whole family.

Art poems reflections for meditations

Read a Book: A book for every week

Have a Movie Night every week with popcorn and beverage