Children & Youth

Mountain Rise children learn the stories and values of faith with the nurturing of faithful adults. Mountain Rise offers children’s programs, "Komma Kids," from birth through high school.

Our nursery/preschool program is play-centered. Kindergarten through 5th grade Komma Kids learn through a variety of teaching strategies (drama, music, games, video, science, cooking, etc.) focusing on the same Bible story for 3-5 weeks.

Youth (6th-12th grades) Komma Kids are taught using the Sunday Bible passages and can engage further with faith through confirmation and youth group. Mountain Rise children are valued worship assistants and leaders. Intergenerational worship, outreach, and fun are part of our life together.

Youth participate in activities like road trips, Shanty Town, and overnights, coupled with outreach, drama, Sunday morning worship leadership, and music. Youth participate in local, state, and national events, but also small gatherings where they can absolutely be themselves in a safe and fun environment.