Lent 2018

Spend 5 Minutes or All Day and enjoy Living Lent Experiences

Grab your favorite beverage and/or treat and spend time in reflection. You chose the time & practices.

Take on something for Lent this year.

You may need to give up something to find time to do something new so use reflection time to explore your life and use of time.

Consider These for Meaningful and Learning Experiences This Lent

All these suggestions can be adapted to include all family members from the youngest to the oldest as well as individual use no matter your age.

Feb. 13 Celebrate the beginning of Lent tomorrow with a pancake supper tonight. It is Shove Tuesday and tomorrow begins the serious time of Lent. Could also have a “smore’s” night if not too cold for a campfire outside.

Ash Wednesday Feb. 14 Attend a worship service today and reflect on your need for a relationship with God.

Lenten Family Calendar

Learn the Lord's Prayer by Heart as a Family

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Art poems reflections for meditations

Read a Book: A book for every week

Have a Movie Night every week with popcorn and beverage