Experiencing Advent

2nd Week - Joy



Favorite Beverage, comfy chair, spend 5 minutes or a whole day.

The Advent Word Project

Ecumenical Photo Prayer opportunity. Post photo with the day’s word or prayer. Or just use for reflection of the day. Post to Facebook or Twitter.

Each day a different word for reflection.  Sign up to receive the word:

Advent Through Art

Visit the Loyola Press "Advent Art" page.

Advent through Music

Sing along on YouTube “Away In The Manager” with children. Discuss the meaning with children and why do you think many adults still like to sing this?

Advent Through Family Activities

Bake cookies as a family and share half with others in your neighborhood or other shut in you know or bake cookies and give to someone having a hard time this Christmas, telling them how much you care for them.

Tell each your favorite family decoration and why it is brings joy to you or decorate together, or make a new decoration for your home and discuss its design and why it brings joy.

Discuss as a family what gives you joy.